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Horizon Hotel Naxos Island


Naxos, the island of contrasts

The whitewashed houses with windows in various shades of blue, brown, green and ocher and streets painted with white accents make the scene. The whistle from the voriadaki usually foamed Aegean ... be the soundtrack of your stay. You are in the Cyclades with a thousand faces. Specifically on the largest island: Naxos! Welcome and good stay! ! ! Unique sandy beaches, crystal waters, archaeological sites, picturesque villages, mountains and plains, but above all, delicious meals, tasty produce and fine wine!


Enjoy the sunset Portara in front of the harbor! Feel admiration for ... Kouros and Kore, the unfinished statues inside the green orchards Melanes! Visit Apeirantho, the most distinctive architectural village of Naxos! Cretan dialect kotsakia, Cretan traditions and. . . much raki! ! Marvel at the temple of the goddess Demeter Sagri, saying that it was made by the creators of the Acropolis! Walk the narrow streets of Old Town Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Catholic church. Buy large and small souvenirs for friends and acquaintances of the dozens of small shops! Swim in the beautiful beaches of Ag. Anna, Ag. Prokopios, Plaka {the island's popular!}. Oasis for a few, the beach Moutsouna and carols. Hike the highest mountain, 1004 m Za {.}. Live unique moments in the "arms" of nature, afougkrastheite waves, the rustling of the trees. Sea and sky "conspire" to your "drift" in their greatness.

Indulge ... And on the question "taste", you're in the right place. Excellent pies, homemade cakes, local recipes, local meats, fresh fish, traditional cheeses, olives, olive oil. Savor unique flavors. . . Remember, this is the amount goes to the quality! ! ! All this combined with a separate residence, the perfect choice for you this summer!

The owners of «Horizon Hotel» waiting for you ...

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